Die Aufgabenstellung:

Read the text and answer the following questions.
Cultural Life in Moscow. 
Moscow has long been a centre of the Russian and world culture. The Bolshoi Theatre presents operas and ballets. The Bolshoi Ballet has become internationally known and admired. Dancers from all over the country train at the Bolshoi Theatre's school. The Moscow State Symphony and other orchestras perform at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow. The city also features a number of famous drama theatres, including the Maly and Moscow Art theatres.
Moscow has about 75 museums and many art galleries. The State Historical Museum attracts many students of Russian history. The Central Museum of the Revolution has exhibitions on the Russian Revolution. Dazzling treasures that belonged to the tsars are displayed in the Armoury Museum in the Kremlin. The Tretyakov Gallery contains a collection of traditional art. The Russian National Exhibition Centre highlights science and technology.

Over 1,200 main libraries operate in Moscow. The Russian State Library is the largest library in Russia, and it ranks as one of the largest libraries in the world.
Answer the questions, copy the information from the text and don't put a full stop at the end:
1.  What does the Tretyakov Gallery contain?
2.  What is the largest library in Russia?
3.  Where are Russian treasures displayed?
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