To speak about fruit, berries, nuts, you need the appropriate vocabulary. Part 1
Almond - a flat, oval nut, often used in cooking;

Apple - a hard, round fruit with a green or red skin;

Apricot - a small, soft, orange fruit;

Banana - a long, curved fruit with a yellow skin;
Berry - a small, round fruit on some plants and trees;

Blueberry - a small, sweet, dark blue fruit that grows on bushes;

Blackberry - a small, soft, dark purple fruit with seeds;

Brazil nut - a large curved nut that grows in a hard, three-sided shell;

Cashew  - a curved nut that you can eat;

Cranberry - a small, red berry (= soft fruit) with a sour taste;

Cherry - a small, round red or black fruit with a large seed inside;

Grape - a small, round, green, purple or red fruit that grows in large, close groups and is often used to make wine;

Grapefruit - a large, round, yellow fruit with a sour taste;

Hazelnut - a nut with a hard, brown shell, a nut that comes from the hazel tree;

Hickory - a small tree from North America and East Asia that has nuts that can be eaten, or the hard wood from this tree;

Lemon - an oval, yellow fruit that has sour juice;

Lime - a small, green fruit that is sour like a lemon.

There are many cherries on the plate.

Do you like limes?

You should eat bananas. They contain a lot vitamins.

Have you found blackberries in this forest?