To speak about fruit, berries, nuts, you need the appropriate vocabulary. Part 2
Macadamia - a round, white nut that grows on an Australian tropical tree;

Melon - a large, round, sweet fruit with a thick, green or yellow skin and a lot of seeds;

Orange - a sweet fruit that has an orange colour;

Peach - a soft, sweet, round fruit with red and yellow skin;

Peanut - an oval-shaped nut with a soft, brown shell;

Pear - an oval-shaped, pale green or yellow fruit;

Pecan - a nut that grows on a tree, or the tree itself;

Pineapple - a large fruit with thick skin and sharp leaves sticking out of the top which is sweet and yellow inside;

Pistachio - a nut with a hard shell containing a green seed that can be eaten;

Plum - a soft, round fruit with red, yellow, or purple skin and a stone in the middle;

Raspberry - a small, soft, red fruit that grows on bushes;

Strawberry - a small, red fruit with a green leaf at the top and small, brown seeds on its surface;

Tangerine - a fruit like a small orange;

Walnut - a nut that is in two halves inside a brown shell, and whose surface has curves and folds in it.
Sally bought 2 kilos of oranges.

We can order strawberries with cream.

Would you like to try plums?

Do you eat walnuts?