To speak about soft drinks, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Carbonated water/sparkling water - water with bubbles in it;

Decaf - decaffeinated coffee;

Fruit juice - the liquid that comes from fruit;

Grapefruit juice - the liquid that comes from grapefruit;

Hot chocolate - a hot, sweet drink with a chocolate flavour;

Milk - a white liquid produced by women and other female animals, such as cows, for feeding their babies;

Iced-tea - a cold drink that you make by pouring water onto dried leaves, or the leaves that you use to make this drink;

Lemonade - a cold drink with a lemon flavour that is sweet and has bubbles;

Milkshake - a drink made of milk and usually ice cream and a flavour such as fruit or chocolate, mixed together until it is smooth;

Mineral water - water which is taken from the ground and contains chemicals that are good for your health;

Refill - to fill something again;

Root beer - a fizzy (= with bubbles) brown drink without alcohol, that is flavoured with the roots of various plants;

Soda - water with bubbles in it that you mix with other drinks;

Soft drink - a cold, sweet drink that does not have alcohol in it.
Would you like a soft drink?

I drink milk every day.

Kin never drinks lemonade. She thinks it is not tasty.