To speak about hot drinks, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Beer - an alcoholic drink made from grain, or a glass or container of this drink;

Bourbon - a type of American whisky (= strong alcoholic drink);

Champagne - French white wine with lots of bubbles in it which people often drink to celebrate something;

Cocktail - an alcoholic drink made from two or more kinds of drink mixed together;

Eggnog - a drink made from milk, sugar, and eggs, often mixed with alcohol such as brandy or rum;

Mulled wine - wine heated with added sugar and spices, drunk warm as a traditional winter drink in some countries;

Red wine - a wine with a dark red colour that is made from black grapes, including their skins;

White wine - a wine with a pale yellow colour that is made from green or yellow grapes, or from black grapes without their skins;

Scotch whiskey - a strong alcoholic drink made in Scotland;

Wine cooler - a drink made of wine, fruit juice, and fizzy water.

Can I have a pint of beer?

They invited us over on Christmas Eve for mulled wine.

Would you like a glass of red wine?

He poured a glass of white wine.