To speak about types of meat, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Beef - the meat of a cow;

Chicken - the meat of a bird kept on a farm for its meat and eggs;

Pork - meat from a pig;

Rib eye steak - the best meat from the back of a cow;

Sirloin steak - the best meat from the lower back of a cow;

Spare ribs - pig's ribs (= curved bones) with most of the meat cut off them, cooked, and eaten;

Strip steak - a thick, flat piece of meat cut from the side of a cow;

T-bone steak - a piece of thickly cut beef that has a T-shaped bone in it;

Tenderloin - a strip of meat taken from the lower back of cows, pigs, or chickens that does not contain a lot of fat and is easy to cut or chew (= crush with the teeth);

Turkey - the meat of a bird that looks like a large chicken, or the meat of this bird;

Veal - meat from a very young cow;

Lamb - meat from a young sheep.

She loves barbecued spare ribs.

Can you cook a rib eye steak?

Beef was very important for people in pre-historic times.

T-bone steak is tasty. You should try it.