To speak about snacks, you need the appropriate vocabulary. Part 1
Bacon - meat from a pig cut into long thin slices;

Sandwich - two slices of bread with meat, cheese, etc between them;

Ham - meat from a pig's back or upper leg;

Soft caviar - the eggs of a large fish, eaten as a food and usually very expensive;

Sausage - a mixture of meat and spices pressed into a long tube;

Boiled sausage - a mixture of meat and spices cooked in a boiling water;

Smoked sausage – a mixture of meat or spices that has a special taste by hanging it over burning wood;

Corn flakes - a breakfast food of small, dry pieces of crushed corn, often served with milk and sugar;

Butter - a soft, pale yellow food made from cream that you put on bread and use in cooking;

Vegetable oil - cooking oil made from plants;

Olive oil - oil produced from olives, used for cooking or on salads;

Omelette - a food made with eggs that have been mixed and fried, often with other foods added;

Paste, pâté - a soft food, usually made of meat or fish, that you spread on bread, etc;

Salad - a cold mixture of vegetables that have not been cooked, usually eaten with meat, cheese, etc;

Sour cream - cream made sour by adding special bacteria.


I made a big salad for lunch.

For breakfast he has corn flakes.

Do you like paste?

Can he cook an omelette with bacon?