To speak about snacks, you need the appropriate vocabulary. Part 2
Сheese - a food that is made from milk, is usually white or yellow, and can be either hard or soft;

White bread, wheat bread - bread made from a plant whose grain is used for making flour, or the grain itself;

Rye bread - dark brown bread made with rye;

Bacon and eggs - traditional breakfast with a certain type of meet and eggs;

Ham - meat from a pig's back or upper leg;

Scrambled eggs - eggs which are mixed together and then cooked;

Fried eggs, sunny-side up eggs - eggs that are cooked in hot oil or fat;

Hard-boiled eggs - a hard-boiled egg has been boiled with its shell on, until the inside is solid;

Soft-boiled eggs - an egg that has been boiled with its shell on and removed from the water while the yellow part is still soft;

Cheese sandwich - two slices of bread with cheese between them;

Corned-beef - cooked beef that has been preserved in salty water and spices, often sold in tins (= metal containers);

Egg sandwich - two slices of bread with eggs between them.
He wants to eat bacon and eggs.

Do you like cheese?

Kate doesn’t cook fried eggs. It is unhealthy.

I want to order corned-beef.