In order to speak about ecological problems, you need to know the appropriate vocabulary.
Ecology - the relationship between living things and the environment, or the scientific study of this;
Concern - to involve someone or be important to them;
Air pollution - damage caused to air by harmful substances or waste;
Water pollution -  damage caused to water by harmful substances or waste;
Natural resources - things such as ​minerals, ​forests, ​coal, etc. that ​exist in a ​place and can be used by ​people;
Harmful - causing or likely to cause harm;
Technological - relating to, or involving technology;

Chemical - relating to chemistry or chemicals;
Litter - pieces of paper and other waste that are left in public places;
Plastic - a light, artificial substance that can be made into different shapes when it is soft and is used in a lot of different ways;
Glass - a hard, transparent substance that objects such as windows and bottles are made of
acid rain;
Species - a group of plants or animals which share similar characteristics;
Recycle - to put used paper, glass, plastic, etc through a process so that it can be used again.
Environmental issues concern us all.
Some ​natural ​resources, such as ​natural ​gas and ​fossil ​fuel, cannot be ​replaced.
Many toys are made of plastic.
We recycle all our newspapers and bottles.