In order to speak about team games, you should use the appropriate vocabulary.
Attack - in games such as football, when the players in a team try to score points, goals, etc;

Ball - a round object that you throw, kick, or hit in a game, or something with this shape;

Basketball - a game in which two teams try to win points by throwing a ball through a high net;

Block - something that makes it difficult to move or make progress;

Сentre forward - in some team sports such as football, the player in the middle of the front row of forwards (= players who try to score goals);

Defender - someone who tries to stop the other sports team from scoring points;

Score - the number of points someone gets in a game or test;

Field - an area of grass where you can play a sport;

Football - a game in which two teams of players kick a round ball and try to score goals;

Forward - a player who plays in front of you, in the certain direction;

Goal - a point scored in sports such as football when a player sends a ball or another object into a particular area, such as between two posts;

Goalkeeper - the player in a sport such as football who tries to stop the ball going into the goal;
Keep score - to record the number of points won by competitors;

Open the score - start the game with a score, win points.

What's the score?

He scored two goals in the second half.

We need someone to score for tomorrow's match.

He is the best goalkeeper in the world.