In order to speak about athletics, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Bar - a long, thin piece of metal or wood;

Baton - a stick that a runner passes to the next person in a race;

Cross country race - a race across fields and countryside;

Discus - a round, flat, heavy object that people throw as a sport;

Heat - a competition, especially a race, which decides who will be in the final event;

High jump - a sports event in which people try to jump over a bar which gets higher and higher during the competition;

Javelin - a sport in which you throw a javelin as far as you can;

Lap - one journey around a circular race track;

Long jump - a sports event where people try to jump as far as possible;

Pole vault - a sport in which you use a very long stick to jump over a high bar;

Race - a competition in which people run, ride, drive, etc against each other in order to see who is the fastest;
Relay - to broadcast radio or television signals;

Route - the roads or paths you follow to get from one place to another place;

Sprint - to run very fast for a short distance;

Track and field athletics - the sports which include running, jumping, and throwing.

He's two laps behind the leaders.

Crowds gathered all along the route to watch the race.

She sprinted along the road to the bus stop.