To speak about newspapers and magazines, study the appropriate vocabulary. Part 2
Rush hour - the time when a lot of people are travelling to or from work and so roads and trains are very busy;
Couple - two or a few;
Fashion - the most popular style of clothes, appearance, or behaviour at a particular time;
Cater for - to provide what is wanted or needed by a particular group of people;
Variety - a lot of different activities, situations, people, etc;
Divide - to separate into parts or groups, or to make something separate into parts or groups;
Quality paper - serious newspaper;
Broadsheet - a large newspaper, usually considered to be more serious than smaller newspapers;
Tabloid - a small newspaper with a lot of pictures and short, simple news stories;

Article - a piece of writing in a magazine, newspaper, etc.
We divided up into teams of six.

There is a great variety of programmes on BBC.

We read only quality papers.

I need to edit some articles.