To speak about newspapers and magazines, study the appropriate vocabulary.
Connect - to join two things or places together;
Worry - to think about problems or unpleasant things that might happen in a way that makes you feel anxious;
Receive - to get something that someone has given or sent to you;
Violence - when someone tries to hurt or kill someone else;
Newspaper - large, folded sheets of paper which are printed with the news and sold every day or every week;
Magazine - a thin book published every week or month, that has shiny, colourful pages with articles and pictures;
National - relating to the whole of a country;
Regional - relating to a region (= particular area in a country);
Developed - a country with an advanced level of technology, industry, etc;
Total - extreme or complete.

Occasionally, he receives letters from fans.

There is too much violence on TV.

I read about his life in the newspaper.

Could you buy a magazine for me?