To speak about mass media, study the appropriate vocabulary. Part 3
Turn on - to move the switch on a machine, light, etc so that it starts working, or to start the supply of water, electricity, etc;

Forum - an area of a website where people go to discuss things;
Activity - something which you do for enjoyment, especially an organized event;
Social - relating to society and the way people live;
Political - relating to or involved in politics;
Economic - relating to trade, industry, and money;
Broadcast - a television or radio programme, or transmit;
Exchange views – express opinions;
Soap opera - a series of television or radio programmes that continues over a long period and is about the lives of a group of characters;
Drama - a play in a theatre or on television or radio;

Domestic - inside one country and not international;

Sentimental - showing kind feelings such as sympathy, love, etc, especially in a silly way.

Ben turnedon the TV.

The centre offers a range of activities, such as cycling, swimming, and tennis.

She doesn’t like political programmes.

The British are very sentimental about animals.