To speak about mass media, study the appropriate vocabulary. Part 2
Genre - a type of art or writing with a particular style;
Scriptwriter - someone who writes the words for films or radio or television programmes;
Arouse - to make someone have a particular feeling or reaction;
Resist - to stop yourself from doing something that you want to do;
Touch - if something kind that someone says or does touches you, it makes you feel pleased or a little sad;
Quiz show - a programme on television in which people play games to try to win prizes;
Audience - the type of people who watch a particular TV show, read a particular book, etc;
Individual - considered separately from other things in a group;
Firm - not soft, but not completely hard;
Interfere - to try to control or become involved in a situation, in a way that is annoying.

It's a subject which has aroused a lot of interest.

This magazine is aimed at a teenage audience.

We don't have any firm plans for the weekend yet.

I know he's worried about us, but I wish he wouldn't interfere.