Study the information about phrasal verbs. In/out
1. In = into a room, a car, building

You can say go in, come in, walk in, break in

I am moving in next week.

I am moving into my flat on Monday.

As soon as I got to the airport, I checked in.

2. Out = out of the a room, a building, a car

Tim opened the window and looked out.

We can say go out, get out, move out, let smb. out

He walked out.
3. Remember other verbs with in
Drop in, call in = visit smb. for a short time arranging to do this

Join in = take part in an activity that is already going on

Plug in an electrical machine = connect it to the electricity supply

Fill in a form = write the necessary information on a form

Take smb. in = deceive smb

Please fill in the application from.
The fridge is not working because you haven’t plugged it in.

We are playing a game. Why don’t you join in?
4. Remember the verbs with out.

Eat out = eat at a restaurant, not at home

Drop out of college/university = stop before you have completely finished a course

Get out of smth.= avoid doing it

Leave out = omit it, not include it

Cross smth. out/rub out

Some of the names had been crossed out.
Raymond Murphy. English Grammar in Use- Cambridge: CUP, 379p.