Study the list of phrasal verbs. Part 2
bump into - to meet by chance or unexpectedly;

burn out - to stop working, become exhausted from over-working;

call back - to return a phone call;

call off - to cancel;

calm down - to become more relaxed, less angry or upset;

carry on - to continue;

carry out - to perform or conduct (test, experiment);

check in - to register at a hotel or airport;

check out - to pay one’s bill and leave (a hotel), to investigate;

clam up - to refuse to speak;

clamp down on - to act strictly to prevent something;

come across - to find by chance, to appear, seem, make an impression;

come forward - to present oneself;

count on - to rely or depend on (for help);

cut down on - to reduce in number or size;

cut out - to remove using scissors, to stop doing something;

deal with - to handle, take care of (problem, situation);

die down - to calm down, become less strong;

do without - to manage without;

drag on - to last longer than expected;

draw up - to write (contract, agreement, document);

dress up - to wear elegant clothes;

drop in - to visit, usually on the way somewhere;

drop off - to deliver someone or something, to fall asleep;

drop out - to leave school without finishing;

ease off - to reduce, become less severe or slow down (pain, traffic, work);

end in - to finish in a certain way; result in;

end up - to finally reach a state, place or action.


Traffic usually eases off at 7pm.

If you don’t improve your work habits, you’ll end up being fired.

Zack dropped out of college and joined the army.

Their wedding gave us a chance to dress up and get out of the house.

She cut out a coupon from the newspaper.
She needs to work fewer hours. Otherwise she will burn out.