The list of phrasal verbs. Part 3
fall through -  to fail; doesn’t happen;

figure out - to understand, find the answer;

fill out - to complete (a form/an application);

find out - to discover or obtain information;

focus on - to concentrate on something;

get along (with) - to be on good terms; work well with;

get at - to imply;

get away - to escape;

get by - to manage to cope or to survive;

get in - to enter;

get into (+noun) - to enter;

get off - to leave (bus, train, plane), to remove;
get on - to board (bus, train, plane);

get on with (something) - to continue to do; make progress;

get on (well) with (somebody) - to have a good relationship with;

get out - to leave;

get out of -  to avoid doing something;

get over -  to recover from (illness, disappointment);

get rid of - to eliminate;

get together - to meet each other;

get up -  to rise, leave bed;

give in - to cease opposition; yield;

give up - to stop doing something;

go through - to experience;

grow up - to spend one’s childhood; develop; become an adult; 

hand in - to submit (report, homework);

hand out - to distribute;

hang up - to end a phone conversation;

hold on -to wait;

hurry up-  to be quick, act speedily;

iron out - to resolve by discussion, eliminate differences;

join in - to participate;

join up - to engage in, become a member of, to meet and unite with.


He’s trying to figure out how to earn enough money to go on the trip to Spain.

Please fill out the enclosed form and return it as soon as possible.

I’m going to to find out who’s responsible for the power cut.

Will you please get up? You’ve got a class in 20 minutes.

Yes David, you can join in the discussion any time you like.

It’s important to get along with your team supervisor.