The list of phrasal verbs. Part 4
keep on -  to continue doing something;

keep up with - to stay at the same level as someone or something;

kick off - to begin, start;

leave out - to omit, not mention;

let down - to disappoint;

look after - to take care of;

look down on - to consider as inferior;

look on - to be a spectator at an event;

look for - to try to find something;

look forward to - to await or anticipate with pleasure;

look up to - to admire;

make up - to invent (excuse, story);

mix up - to mistake one thing or person for another;

move in - to arrive in a new home or office;

move out -  to leave your home/office for another one;

nod off - to fall asleep;

own up - to admit or confess something;

pass away - to die;

pass out - to faint;

pay back - to reimburse;

put off - to postpone, arrange a later date;

put on - to turn on, switch on;

put out - to extinguish;

put up - to accommodate, give somebody a bed;

pick up - to collect somebody;

point out - to indicate/direct attention to something;

rely on - to count on, depend on, trust;

rule out - to eliminate;

run away -  to escape from a place or suddenly leave;

run into - to meet by accident or unexpectedly (also: bump into);

run out of - to have no more of something;

set off - to start a journey.
I read the paper every day to keep up with the news.

Let’s set off early to miss the rush hour traffic.

He ran away from home and joined the circus.

I’ll pick you up at around 7:00 to take you to the airport.

I can put you up until the weekend but then I’m going away.

You were so tired after the game that you nodded off on the couch.

I always looked up to my father. He was a great man.